A Fresh Start

Got to hear the pitter patter
of the rain….
The earth smelt good…
Well… better than the usual..
The plants and trees looked greener than their usual green…
and the morning air complimented the whole scenario..

Its a beautiful to start afresh 🙂 574710_10151407529864569_2028610171_n



p.s. i call this place “the sanctuary ” one of my favourite places to lie down and get lost 😉


Hello there lost ones !

hey there lost ones since this is my first ever blog ..like ever !!

thanks to a close friend of mine who helped me into getting a blog of my own

since this is my 1st one ill make it a short and snappy one.

“the way i see the world..i’ll share

the way i feel the world…i’ll share

the way i want the world to be… i’ll share 

and the way i want to get lost inside her.. i’ll share as well.” hehe

all in all … 

ill try my best and keep you in the light of how life goes but in this small nutshell in my head.!!